Website Guide

Logging into Rich Lerner Cine Website

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  3. Click © 2019 Rich Lerner Cinematography Services (fig 1)
  4. Enter login details and click Log In (fig 2)
fig 1
fig 2

Creating a New Portfolio Item

  1. Once logged into Rich Lerner Cine
  2. Click Portfolio (fig 1)

    fig 1
  3. Now you will see a list of all your portfolio items with Title, Thumbnails and Category they belong to (fig 2)

    fig 2
  4. Look for a project titled: ♻️ DUPLICATE ME FOR NEW PROJECTS! ♻️. This is a simple template for creating new projects that you will duplicate.
  5. Hover your mouse over the ♻️ DUPLICATE ME FOR NEW PROJECTS! ♻️title and you will see a few options show up below it. In this case you will click Duplicate. (fig 3).

    fig 3
  6. You will immediately see a new duplicate of this project titled: ♻️ DUPLICATE ME FOR NEW PROJECTS! ♻️ — Copy (fig 4). This will be the project you will edit for your new portfolio item.

    fig 4
  7.  Click ♻️ DUPLICATE ME FOR NEW PROJECTS! ♻️ — Copy to edit the individual project.

Editing New and Existing Projects

  1. Make and duplicate of ♻️ DUPLICATE ME FOR NEW PROJECTS! ♻️ and click title for new projects OR click on the title of an existing project to edit it. For this example will click on the duplicate of the project template: ♻️ DUPLICATE ME FOR NEW PROJECTS! ♻️ — Copy (fig 1).
    fig 1



  2. There are 4 components to an individual project that you will need to edit (fig 2)
    1. The Project Title
    2. The Vimeo URL
    3. The Category where the project should appear in
    4. The Feature Image which is the thumbnail image of the video
  3. At anytime to save your work and publish it click the blue Update button.
  4. Start off by editing the Project Title. Click the title field and enter text.
  5. Enter the Vimeo URL of your project’s video
    1. Hover over the Vimeo URL area and you will see a yellow gear icon.
    2. Hover over the yellow gear icon and click the pencil icon (fig 2).
      fig 2


    3. In the new window click  the image and you will see another pencil icon (fig 3). Click the pencil icon.
      fig 3


    4. A new window will appear with a field to enter the Vimeo URL. Enter the URL of the video you wish to use and then click Insert into post button on the bottom right of the window (fig 4).
      fig 4


    5. Click the yellow SAVE button on the top left of the new window (fig 5).
      fig 5


  6.  Choose a Project Category
    1. On the right hand side of the page you’ll see a list of categories. Simply click the checkbox of whichever category you would like the project to appear. You can choose several categories if you wish the project to appear in many places or zero categories if you would like the project hidden (fig 6).
      fig 6


  7. Set a Featured Image
    1. The Featured Image is a thumbnail for your video project. This can be a screen grab from your movie or any other image in 16:9 aspect ratio. To choose the appropriate image, click the existing one on the lower right of the page (fig 7).
    2. A new window will appear revealing all the current images you have uploaded to your website. You can choose and existing image or upload a new one by clicking the Upload Files tab (fig 8).
      fig 8


    3.  The Upload Files tab will allow you to choose an image or drag on onto the tab. Once an image is selected you will automatically return to the previous Media Library tab with your new image selected (fig 8). ** Make sure any project image you upload is in 16:9 aspect ratio. **
    4. Click  the blue Set featured image button on the bottom right and you will return to the main project editing page.
  8. Once satisfied with your new or existing project click the blue Update button on the right side of the screen (fig 9). Your project is now live and can be seen on your website.

    fig 9

Delete Unwanted Projects

  1. In the main Portfolio page hover over the title of the project you wish to delete and a menu will appear below it (fig 1).

    fig 1
  2. Click Trash.

Rearrange Project Order

If you wish to change the order of projects as the appear on your website you can do so by dragging them in the main Portfolio editing page.

  1. Click and Hold over the title of a project and move the project up and down (fig 1).

Keep in mind:

    • Projects higher up on your project list will appear before project lower on your list on your website.
    • All projects and categories are shown on the main Portfolio editing page, however these items are separated by their appropriate category on your website.

      fig 1

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